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Organisational Consultancy Chart

We Understand Business and Psychology

Based in Townsville Leading Change Psychology focuses on teaching organisations how to maximise their human capital. Our professional and experienced team of Psychologists; are highly qualified in Organisational Development, Meditation & Team Dispute Resolution and Complex HR. We offer a suite of organisational services to assist you with your most challenging HR and organisational issues.

Extensive Experience in:

  • Managing Complex HR issues and referrals beyond the scope of EAP.
  • Workplace Mediation and conflict resolution tailored to suit your presenting situations.
  • Leadership development programs to grow authentic and emotionally mature leaders.
  • Coaching and Mentoring for emerging, seasoned and executive managers.
  • Learning, Development and Training to build skills and launch employees to their full potential.
  • Employee Assistance Programs where individual psychological wellbeing is handled confidentially.
  • Organisational Cultural Change and engagement interventions to thrive in an ever-changing market of customer demand.
  • Outplacement and redundancy support to help employees re-orient themselves in the job market.
  • Graduate/ Young Hire Development programs helping young employees adjust to professional roles.
  • Building Teams and enhancing group dynamics to grow cohesiveness and harness productivity.

Organisational Consultancy Services

Managing issues beyond the scope of EAP.

Many of the issues HR professionals must manage today are complex and require comprehensive interventions to resolve. Mental health is one of the most complex and pressing issues that HR deal with everyday. Research has shown that HR professionals spend more than a quarter of their time managing employee mental health issues and the repercussions for these issues on surrounding staff.

Key concerns for HR today include:

  • Workplace bullying
  • Complex performance management
  • Workplace disputes
  • Poor employee and employer relations
  • Poor employee adjustment to organisational restructures and reviews

We offer a range of services and interventions to help you manage these complex issues.

Managing change interventions.

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of people-related change management.
  • Development of programs to help leaders better manage change and drive performance improvement in their part of the organisation e.g., handling change fatigue, building resilience.

Programs to help with adjusting to professional roles.

Graduate/Young Hires Development programs help young employees or new graduates adjust to the professional world of work. The program is designed and structured in such a way as to help employees comprehend and understand themselves and their new world of work. Like a house young employees need solid and strong foundations upon which to build their career. The program involves five building blocks to build new hires professional identity and career certainty.

The Graduate Young Hire Program is a facilitator led 5-day course which is designed and structured in such a way as to help young employees comprehend and understand themselves and their new world of work.

At the end of the course, the learner will have a clear understanding of:

  • The importance of different generations working together in the Organisation
  • How self-esteem impacts the image that we present
  • The influence of internal beliefs on attitudes and expectations
  • How to handle emotions effectively at work
  • The importance of behaving professionally at work
  • The elements of decision-making
  • The assigning and measuring of work
  • The attributes of a professional relationship with a manager
  • The value of being teachable in career growth
  • The characteristics of teams and behaviours which are helpful and hindering to teamwork
  • The qualities of an exemplary employee which lay the foundation for leadership and management
  • The link between organisational culture and the Organisations values
  • The value of alignment to the Organisation’s vision and mission and the importance of corporate discipline

Supporting staff through redundancy.

Our Outplacement Staff are local psychologists and organisational consultants; this means that they not only understand business needs, the current world of work, the job market how the individual can best leverage their skills and strengths and what psychological needs they may have.
Our locally based outplacement support includes:

Counselling support services to work through employee’s thoughts and feelings around what this change personally and practically has meant, currently means and will mean for them.

Exploring the current world of work where the onus is on the individual to be employable and marketable and the importance of characteristics such as resilience, innovation, problem solving and optimism in this.

Individual coaching to explore, define and focus experience, current transferrable skills, unique talents, passions, career aspirations and future upskilling plans.

Practical help with resume/CV development, job application processes and personal branding o Interview techniques.

Support for the organisation’s existing employees.

Why outplacement support should be provided.

Although redundancy decisions are merely a business decision, it feels very personal to the individual staff who are affected and who have served the organisation loyally.

Benefits of outplacement support are:

  • Affected employees are more proactive and empowered to get on with their own future planning without feeling like they need to wait for HR to give them definite notice before they can start plotting their future.
  • There is less stress and less of a decline in productivity as staff are not ‘paralysed’ with their own fears of the future and of having no plans in place.
  • Individual employees move through the changes in a healthy way and do not get stuck in a certain phase.
  • These is less absenteeism due to overwhelmed employees who do not know where to start navigating the job market.
  • There is less grumbling towards the company.
  • Those employees who are staying behind are helped with ‘survivors guilt’ and supported in aiding the organisation to stabilise and grow again.
  • Development of selection criteria for jobs and identification of the best assessment tools.
  • Assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities, and potential and personal fit for specific jobs using techniques such as assessment centres, psychological testing and behavioural interviewing.

Enhancing productivity and growing cohesiveness

  • Working with teams to improve team performance and relationships.
  • Team Dispute Resolution.
  • Team Building for productivity.
  • Interventions to improve group dynamics.
  • Internal & External Relationship Management.

New tactical and executive managers.

  • Provision of individual assistance, coaching and mentoring to improve work performance.
  • Design and implementation of career development processes for an organisation, along with individual career planning and vocational assessment.

Confidential psychological counselling for employees.

We offer a comprehensive EAP Service Delivery model to address the health and well being needs of your employees. Our point of difference is our understanding of the needs of rural and remote communities and our willingness to come to you.

As a NQ EAP Provider:

  • We are local
  • We offer face to face counselling
  • There is no wait list
  • We offer your staff services to rural and remote locations in North Queensland
  • We endeavour to offer Indigenous staff, Indigenous counsellors.

Our EAP services’s over-arching philosophy in the provision of EAP Services is to deliver an effective and efficient counselling process that is solutions-focused, practical and manages to embrace both organisational imperatives and individual client needs.

At all times, we strive to be respectful, professional and caring without losing sight of workplace practicalities and realities.

To help staff feel comfortable with the EAP services we will:

  • Provide you with an introductory letter for staff that may be sent from the CEO or HR Manager.
  • Provide promotional posters and brochures for each of your locations
  • Undertake a bi-annual staff well-being presentation and information sessions with your staff about EAP
  • Provide employees with contact cards about the EAP service
  • Meet with you regularly to discuss how the service is performing and implement changes as required.

Growing authentic and emotionally mature leaders.

We customise our leadership programs to design a framework of competencies customised to suit your organisation’s needs.

Why implement a Leadership framework in your organisation?

An effective leadership framework is important to help to ensure you source, develop and retain the right leaders for your business; leaders with the competencies, personality profiles and leadership styles best suited to driving the current and future success of the organisation.

We provide advice and support to organisational leaders in relation to how they lead, engage and motivate their people.

  • Provision of advice and support to organisational leaders in relation to how they lead, engage and motivate their people.
  • Establishment of a talent management framework, including succession planning, to identify and better manage critical roles, critical people, strengths and gaps.
  • Introduction of programs to develop and retain top performers and next generation leaders.

Resolving workplace disputes.

We are a primary service provider for workplace mediation in North Queensland. Our dispute resolution services focus on improving employee relations and resolving issues that compromise worker and team productivity. We can tailor dispute resolution services to suit the situations you are presented with and work with your managers to help them ensure the Memorandum of Agreements your staff negotiate in mediation are sustained.

The Advantages of Mediation

Mediation is:

  • Restorative: It can resolve disputes between colleagues at any level of the organisation’s hierarchy and mend working relationships that have deteriorated.
  • Efficient: The mediation process can usually settle a dispute within a few sessions.
  • Effective: Mediation statistically settles over 85% of initiated disputes.
  • Empowering: The parties are in control of the content and retain their decision-making power.
  • Confidential: Information disclosed during mediation may not be divulged as evidence in any trial or judicial proceeding.

An ounce of mediation is worth a pound of arbitration and a ton of litigation!” — Joseph Grynbaum

Building skills for optimum performance.

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of programs to improve organisational performance and employee experiences.
  • Design of organisational structures, processes and incentives to fuel organisational prosperity.
  • Analysis of training and development needs for individuals, teams and/or the whole organisation.
  • Design and evaluation of skills and behavioural training programs.
  • Development and analysis of surveys of employees or clients/customers.
  • Research such as identifying which work behaviours predict future success.
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of performance management systems that link in with business strategies.
  • Development of employee incentive programs to drive desired behaviours and results.
  • Development of programs to improve employee wellbeing, commitment and engagement.
  • Development of policies and practices to enable better management of the work-home interface.

Workplace Psychological Health & Wellbeing Initiatives

Design and implementation of organisational initiatives for workplace wellbeing.

Whilst organisations have made significant progress over the past decade in recognising and responding to psychological health and wellbeing in the workplace research shows there are still major challenges that persist in how organisations address workplace mental health. We design and assist organisations to implement psychological health and wellbeing initiatives to change how they perceive and respond to workplace wellbeing. Our interventions address the persistent key challenges for psychological health in the workplace as tabled in the research findings below:

Key Challenges for Psychological Health in the Workplace incl:

  • Inadequate focus on prevention and the core protective role of psychosocial work quality/organisational climate
  • Unrealised early intervention potential and avoidance by managers in appropriately responding to and managing at‑risk employees
  • Tendency to still view workplace psychological health and wellbeing initiatives as extraneous to core business
  • A more ‘hands off’ approach in return-to-work programs and treatment where psychological health issues are involved, as compared with physical injuries
  • Passive medical management and highly variable quality of psychological interventions provided for work-related psychological health problems, ultimately contributing towards excessive levels of ‘medically unnecessary disability’ and adding to the national social welfare burden

By Peter Cotton, 2014

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