About the Childrens Contact Service

Located in a private and beautiful part of Townsville, close to Kissing Point & Jezzine Baracks. The Service provides therapeutic supervision and changeover services to support separated parents and children towards self-management.  Housed in a modern and spacious building the service provides child/ren and their parents with the very best experiences possible to encourage safe and meaningful relationships between them.

With expertise in family law and child development we understand the factors that are important, beyond contact time alone, to consider in term of the child/rens wellbeing and contact visits.

Objectives of the service

1. Offer a contact service that gives families the greatest prospects of moving towards safe self-management.  
2. Providing children with the best possible experiences using a contact centre.
To do this we know children need to:
  • have fun
  • feel safe
  • Be listened to
  • Feel supported by staff

Benefits of the service

  • Part of a psychology practice
  • Rebates are available
  • Child inclusive model
  • In a private & beautiful location
  • Offers psychological counselling for children
  • Facilitates child-parent interaction
  • Works to resolve parent-parent interaction issues
  • Welcoming & safe place
  • Works with your other Family Law & support practitioners

We offer the following suite of services

Facilitated Changeovers

Facilitated Changeovers are the supervised transition of child/ren from one parent to another


Therapeutic Supervisions are primarily preventative to provide a safe environment for child/ren and parents to spend time together that give children the best possible experience using the contact centre. During the process parents and children are assisted to meet the goals established during the initial intake process.  

Therapeutic Intervention Visits

Therapeutic Intervention Visits are overseen by experienced psychologists. Skilled supervisors engage with all parties and intervene in an active and therapeutic manner during the contacts and parent feedback sessions. This model extends the service from just providing a safe space for contact, to assisting families to focus on the best interests of their child through offering ongoing therapeutic conversations and informal education during visits child/ren spend with a parent or significant other they don’t live with.

Parents are assisted to repair or restore their relationship with the child as required, however still ensuring the relationship moves at a pace that feels safe for the child. If it is determined that a family could benefit from counselling or other interventions such as anger management programs, these will be arranged separately, complementing the work in the CCS.

Supported Visits

Supported Visits are visits that occur on site with one or more families who have been assessed by the CCS as requiring low vigilance supervision and able to use the service with minimal intervention or supervision by the service’s staff. Visits are monitored by CCTV or staff physically in the room and case notes are minimal and mainly deal with arrival and departure times.

Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits for child/ren to spend time with parents living outside Townsville or due to the challenges of Covid-19. We have our own secure and encrypted telehealth system for complete privacy.


Children’s Contact Service Booking

Please contact us to book an appointment or to discuss more about how we can help.