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The Team

Susan Calmer


B.Psych. B.Psych. (Hons) MMedConfRes.MAPS

Special Interest Areas
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Coaching for Emerging & Executive Leaders
  • Building Emotionally Intelligent Teams
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Business Workshops for today’s workplace teams & leaders
  • Workplace Mediation
  • Facilitated Discussions
  • Cultivating passion at work
  • Positive Psychology in the Workplace
  • Couples Therapy


Susan is an innovative, forward-thinking leader. She is not afraid to do things a little differently. She is thorough, gets to the heart of the issue, and takes her clients along with her.  Susan looks beyond the obvious, and her open and down to earth manner makes her easy to relate to despite her expertise.

The science of social behaviour, social relationships and people in groups are Susan’s areas of expertise. She works from a micro-level on small group dynamics and individual interactions, as well as with macro-level trends and recurring patterns across groups and organisations.

Within teams, Susan examines a wide spectrum of social behaviours, social problems, and group dynamics to develop bespoke programs to help teams and their organisations flourish. She is nationally one of a few Workplace Psychologists to combine her expertise about groups with her knowledge of emotionally intelligence teams and leaders.

As a psychologist she is qualified to use some of the world’s leading psychometric tools for measuring team and leadership emotional intelligence.

With a background in business development and leadership, Susan’s own successful business -Leading Change Psychology (with her own team to manage) provides clinical, rural and workplace psychology services.

Her skills were developed through work as an expert witness with the Family Court of Australia & Federal Magistrate’s Court of Australia, as a Mediator for separated parents (formerly a nationally accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner) and workplace disputes, and by providing accredited Gottman Couples Therapy. She also set up the second Children’s Contact Centre in Australia opened by the Federal Attorney General Daryl Williams.

Dr. Carol Mitchell


Education: PhD (Psychology), M. Social Science (Counselling Psychology), B.Social Science (Hons) Psychology, B.Social Science (Psychology, Marketing & Business Administration).

Special Interest Areas for Children & Adolescents

  • Child development issues – pre and peri-natal, early childhood and preschool.
  • Middle childhood and adolescence – internalising and acting out behaviours. (Internalising, e.g. anxiety, depression, social withdrawal, self-esteem. Externalising, e.g. acting out behaviours; difficulties with self regulation etc).
  • Family difficulties – adjustments to new family members, separation, divorce, loss and bereavement.
  • Adolescence – harnessing their capacity and using it for good

Special Interest Areas for Adults

  • Coping with the challenges of parenting (mothers and fathers) and promoting responsive parenting.
  • Adjustment – navigating life phases and changes (including loss and bereavement).
  • Mood disorders – assisting with managing anxiety and depression.
  • Bio-Medical Issues – working as part of a team to assist with biomedical conditions.
  • PTSD and Complex Trauma – processing acute or chronic trauma and distress.
  • Schema therapy – identifying default schemas and modes, and working to lessen their impact.
  • Leadership coaching and personal development.


Carol is a deeply caring and discerning person. She has a quick sense of humour that can brighten dark moments and help both adults and children feel at ease.

Carol completed her PhD in psychology in South Africa and has years of experience working with people from all walks of life. She has a wide range of interests from prenatal issues to leadership development, to end of life transitions. She approaches her work with an attitude of curiosity and a heart of compassion.

Carol enjoys connecting deeply with her clients, to gain insight into their challenges and struggles. She offers perspectives that aim to enhance people’s experiences, and to enable them to live more fully and freely. Carol is not afraid to explore her clients’ emotional worlds, to process and repackage these, so that they can travel more lightly.

Carol can be unconventional, analytical and challenging. Committed and undaunted, Carol carries and cares for her clients well beyond their sessions.

Roslyn Anderson


B. Soc Sci. Org Psych (Hons). M.Psych Indust & Organisational. AMAPS.

Special Interest Areas
  • Professional women at risk of burnout
  • Learning how to process past and present trauma
  • Self-compassion for people who have experienced trauma or grief
  • Developing personalised resilience frameworks for first responders and health professionals
  • Trauma informed psychoeducation: helping you understand the impact of trauma on you
  • Working through strong emotions of shame, guilt, regret or forgiveness
  • Compassion fatigue and burnout for first responders and health professionals
  • Occupational Stress & Burnout for leaders and professionals
  • Being a high achiever and coping with anxiety as a professional


Roslyn is a kind and warm-hearted psychologist you are likely to feel very comfortable with. Her sensitivity and strength allows space to process life’s deeper issues.

As a South African qualified organisational psychologist and an Australian qualified general psychologist, Roslyn is well positioned to understand both the world of professional careers and the beautiful complexities of our deep hearts. Ros knows life is not always an easy journey and holds deep respect for the impact of personal loss and trauma. Ros is passionate about people doing the hard work of introspection and applying self-compassion on their journey to healing and freedom. One of Ros’s favourite client groups to work with are professionals who may feel like they have lost their way amidst burnout, grief, or trauma. She would love to sit with you, hear your story (help you understand that you are not going crazy- this is just what trauma does to you), hold space for your pain and together with you build a resilience framework tailor made for you and your story. Ros will meet you where you are at, welcome you with a soft place to land, and walk with you as you go from strength to strength into your future.

Katja Serrer


Deutsche Hoehere Private Schule – German Abitur B. PsychSc, B. PsychSc (Hons)

Special Interest Areas
  • Anxiety in children
  • Stabilising your Emotions – Emotional Wellbeing
  • Social Media Anxiety & FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Stress & Burnout – Developing Quality of Life
  • Adjustment to Life Changes
  • Loneliness
  • Self-Esteem – From Self-Criticism to Self-Empowerment
  • Sense of Belonging – Feeling Valued, Needed and Accepted
  • Millennial & Gen Z Specific Problems


Katja is a perceptive and candid provisional psychologist who loves helping people increase their belief in themselves. She is a bubbly personality, very environmentally conscious and community oriented. In essence she loves giving to others and is likely to make you feel empowered and proud.

Katja completed her German Arbitur in Namibia and her Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at the James Cook University in Townsville. Coming from a multicultural background herself, Katja appreciates cultural diversity, but more importantly values the contributions that a diverse society can make towards a better world. She encourages self-exploration and self-fulfillment in her practice and doesn’t shy away from challenging the critic within you. Katja understands the specific challenges faced by younger generations (Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha), striving to establish self-empowerment and a sense of belonging in young persons. She is very giving as a person, incredibly committed to her clients, and determined to make a lasting impact.

Ben Rath


B. PsychSc, B. PsychSc (Hons)

Special Interest Areas
  • Men’s Mental Health: banishing the Black Dog
  • Panic Attacks & Anxiety
  • The Teenage Brain – Why Teenagers Have it so Hard
  • Millennial & Gen Z Specific Problems
  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • General psychological counselling
  • Children in Separated or Divorced Families
  • Phobias
  • Coping with problems rather than avoiding them
  • Social Anxiety
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Stress


As a provisional psychologist Ben is a strong advocate for young people who have experienced family difficulties. He is gentle-natured, loyal and an analytical person who does photography in his spare time.

Ben is a North Queensland local who received his Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) from James Cook University.

Family is very important to Ben and this shines in his clinical practice and focus on helping people repair and strengthen their relationships. He has a strong sense of justice and gives  back to the community through his participation in community events. He has previously participated in events such as Movemeber and the Leukemia Foundations Door Knock Appeal.

Ben believes in creating a safe and supportive environment in which he can work alongside his clients in reaching their goals. He aims to equip people with the resources to overcome life’s hurdles, to help them live the life they want to live.

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