Leadership Coaching

It’s Personal

It begins and ends with your development. There is no simple formula for leadership to your organisation. What matters is your Emotional Intelligence and your abilities to manage Team Dynamics. Your  effectiveness in these areas depends on understanding your own patterns of functioning the good and not so helpful and learning more about how people in groups function together. To do so takes concentrated effort and help to build your insights.

It’s Influential

Great leaders LIFT YOU UP, they engage your emotions and capacity to see the difference you are making, they also LIFT YOU UP and carry you through the tough times.

Influential leadership is the ability to bring along the people with you who don’t have the skills to see the need for change or possibilities that can happen. It is the ability to motivate others, when the daily grind makes us lose touch of what is important and why we are doing what we are doing.

Bespoke Team Programs

Creating high performing teams

Lets you go beyond generic, funny and self-administering team building activities and take actions to help your team thrive.

Our team programs work with your employees to improve team dynamics and the cultural norms that may be holding your team back from being their best. Whether the focus is improving the team’s morale, changing staff mindsets, adjusting to big changes or performance expectations our programs are customised to your workplace.

Everything we provide is grounded in psychology and science-based psychometric team assessment tools.

Team and Leadership Psychometrics

Psychometric surveys for tracking progress

With the advantage of valid & reliable psychological measures and reports we offer you and your employees a range of tests of evaluations. These reports give you a professional understanding of how you and your staff function and and provide insights into ways to change and improve.

Our psychometrics help you track your team’s progress during your team program, so you know exactly how team is improving and where it needs more focus. These measures give you the data to make better team decisions, pinpoint where to focus your energy for team growth and where your leaders and managers need to develop their ongoing leadership.

Employee Assistance Program

Helping organisations work better

Understanding both business and psychology means we are able to provide counselling in a workplace context to address performance issues, resolve disputes and manage the adverse impact of unexpected critical incidents.

What sets us apart from other EAP providers?
  • A local North Queensland business committed to our region
  • An Occasion of Services (OoS) fee model (no locked in or minimum spend requirements)
  • We are the team that look after you – we don’t use external subcontractors
  • Tailored to suit the organisations needs with a range of services including Employee Wellness Seminars and Podcasts

EQ-i : Psychometric surveys for tracking progress

For Teams: We use psychometrics measure to identify the cultural norms within teams that influence how its members behave, identify the foundational problems holding your teams back, improve employee morale and.

For individuals: Our psychometrics take into consideration the whole person in their assessments of work behaviour to facilitate your leaders development and skills.


Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

When psychologists first began to think about intelligence they focused only on the cognitive (thinking) aspects such as memory and visual-spatial problem-solving skills and the notion of IQ was born . Today we have a deeper understanding of human intelligence and what it takes to be successful in life at work and home.

We now understand success in life requires social and emotional intelligence we now simply refer to as Emotional Intelligence or EI.


Whilst the term itself is only about 30 years old, the human capability is nothing new. We have always honoured this type of intelligence, but the semantics have changed. The old (now unfashionable) word for EI was simply WISDOM, a word that really deserves to be revived to understand what it takes to be successful in life.

EI (or Wisdom) is composed from many different threads of human intelligence including social and emotional intelligences like:
  • Emotional Self-Awareness: Insight into yourself
  • Emotional Expression: How you show yourself to others
  • Empathy: Your Insight into other
  • Decision Making: How avoidant, objective, and impulsive you are in making decisions.
  • Resilience: How adaptable you are in the face of life’s challenges, and how well you tolerate stress (calmness) and remain hopeful and humorous yet realistic about the challenges life will throw. (optimism).
Like Wisdom, EI includes,
  • Self-Acceptance: Making peace with the often wide gap between your real self and ideal self. Recognising our flaws are what makes us human and not to be ashamed of.
  • Gratitude: The wise recognise nothing stays the same and much can go wrong so they are keenly aware of life’s simpler pleasures and moments of happiness, beauty and calmness.
  • Forgiveness: and be slow to anger and not jump to negative conclusions, realising most hurt is unintentional
  • To not have regrets (the wise realise no-one can pull off a perfect life)
  • Realism: Recognising how difficult It is to change other people and their views.

The EQ-i2.0 is the first empirically evaluated measure of Emotional Intelligence in the world. It continues to be one of the only scientifically validated emotional intelligence tools. Its extensive usage means we know quite a bit about its reliability and its convergent and discriminant validity. Internationally it has been used with big names such as the U.S. Air Force, New Zealand Telecom and American Express.

The EQ-i 360 provides a more in-depth analysis by having those who work with the person being assessed provide information as well. When observer ratings are compared with the results of an EQ-i 2.0 self-report a more detailed profile emerges.

A little help goes a long way

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